04/10/2013 02:30 pm ET Updated Apr 10, 2013

Cityzen By Azin Combines Satellite Imagery With Fashion (PHOTOS)

Many artists and designers have looked to the night sky as inspiration. (Starry Night, anyone?) But Azin Valy is taking sky-high views to the next level with her innovative clothing line, Cityzen by Azin.

Valy approaches fashion design from the perspective of an architect. She is the co-founder of I-Beam Design, an architecture and design firm based New York City, and is also an alumna of 10,000 Small Businesses, a philanthropic initiative that supports entrepreneurs and helps them grow their businesses. As an architect, it was only natural that Valy came to fashion via urban design.

Valy was initially inspired by satellite imagery she uncovered while working on an urban planning project. The gorgeous images of the city from above -- and the thought of all the diverse kinds of people dwelling within it -- moved Valy to incorporate the dazzling visuals of the city with the issues affecting the people that lived within it. Thus Cityzen by Azin was born.

Launched in January 2013, Cityzen by Azin uses satellite imagery of fourteen different cities printed on silk, satin and leather. The shapes of the garments follow the real-life details of the cities, "allowing a river to turn into a strap or a slit, a mountain creating a volumetric neckline, or a road marking a transition in a garment," Valy explains. Each item comes with a coordinating map of the city, and Cityzen by Azin aims to improve those cities by promoting social justice causes in each one.

"As an emerging brand, we are currently highlighting various causes in each city and hope to be able to support them financially in the future," Valy told The Huffington Post. That said, she also picks new cities to feature based on major events that might be happening there, places that she's visited and more importantly, places she plans to see someday. "Of course, I plan on going all over the world," Valy added.

And she's poised to, with Cityzen by Azin taking off. Recent wins for the brand have included Michelle Obama accepting the "Chicago Dress" as a gift into the White House and seeing Grammy winner Esperanza Spalding wearing a Cityzen by Azin piece.

Check out just a few of Valy's impressive new designs below and find out more at

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