04/09/2013 11:48 am ET

Dennis Rodman Slams Omarosa's 'Crocodile Tears' On 'Late Night' (VIDEO)

Dennis Rodman stopped by "Late Night" and gave an incredibly bizarre interview in which he insulted his ex Carmen Electra and fellow fired "Apprentice" star Omarosa.

When Jimmy told Dennis he felt like he’s seeing him everywhere lately -- in North Korea, on TV -- Rodman pointed out, “Well not with Carmen Electra ... The other guy. She needs the money.” And Jimmy laughed uncomfortably.

Of course, Rodman and Electra had a strange relationship in the late ‘90s, getting married in Vegas, the filing for an annulment, then reconciling and ... divorcing. We didn't know Dennis wasn't over it.

Rodman also had strong words for his "Celebrity Apprentice" co-star Omarosa. “She had those crocodile tears. ‘Oh my God. My husband died!’ Really, (bleep)? Really (bleep)? Really? Really (bleep)?”

Actor Michael Clarke Duncan, Omarosa’s fiance, died at age 54 in September.

So, yeah. Maybe Dennis should watch what he says. Fellow Celebrity Apprentice contestant La Toya Jackson said Omarosa may have “pulled the plug” on Duncan, and Omarosa has reportedly been considering a lawsuit.

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