04/09/2013 02:10 pm ET Updated Jun 09, 2013

Mother Jones: Mitch McConnell Article 'Not The Product Of A Watergate-Style Bugging Operation'

Mother Jones magazine responded on Tuesday to an FBI investigation into the source of its article about a private meeting held by Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell.

The magazine's David Corn obtained a recording of the meeting, in which McConnell and his aides talked about ways they might target potential campaign rival Ashley Judd. Corn--who was also the recipient of the infamous "47 percent" video--posted excerpts from the recording on the magazine's website.

McConnell's campaign then contacted the FBI, saying it may have been a victim of "Watergate-style tactics to bug campaign headquarters."

In a statement, Mother Jones said it was not aware of any such efforts:

We are still waiting for Sen. Mitch McConnell to comment on the substance of the story. Before posting this article, we contacted his Senate office and his campaign office--in particular, his campaign manager, Jesse Benton--and no one responded. As the story makes clear, we were recently provided the tape by a source who wished to remain anonymous. We were not involved in the making of the tape, but we published a story on the tape due to its obvious newsworthiness. It is our understanding that the tape was not the product of a Watergate-style bugging operation. We cannot comment beyond that.



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