04/09/2013 07:47 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Peyton Siva Skewered By Escort Jenna Shea On Twitter Over Alleged 'Sexting'

Peyton Siva may have led the Louisville Cardinals to victory in the NCAA championship this week, but the college basketball star recently took a bit of a beating in his personal life -- at the hands of Jenna Shea, a notorious showgirl and escort with a sizable Twitter following.

Shea, who has previously been linked to James Harden, Lil Wayne and other famous names, took to Twitter after Louisville's victory on Monday to reveal a steamy "sexting" exchange she and Siva allegedly had engaged in over the past few days. Shea's big reveal came in the wake of Siva's public declaration of gratitude to his girlfriend and Jesus during a post-game interview.

Screenshots Shea uploaded to Instagram and shared on Twitter show what appear to be flirtatious (and, at times, NSFW) text messages sent to her by the Big East Tournament MVP. In some of the messages, Siva even asks Shea to visit him.

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(Credit: Instagram/jennasheapix)

Shea received some backlash on social media for posting her back-and-forth with Siva. Some Instagram and Twitter users called her "bitter" and accused her of stealing Siva's limelight. Shea, not mincing words, quickly shot back with a series of tweets:

Shea has never been one to shy away from airing her lovers' dirty laundry. According to Media Daily LA, Shea was reportedly paid $20,000 to spend the day with Houston Rockets' James Harden last November. As is her wont, Shea took to Twitter to share the news with her 1 million-plus followers:

With social media now providing a perfect platform for the public shaming of celebrities and athletes, Deadspin's Barry Petchesky argues that Siva should learn a valuable lesson from his brush with Jenna Shea.

"The game's been established long enough that young athletes should know what they're getting into by now. In case not, Peyton Siva's here with your PSA: Kids, don't f-ck around with Twitter models. They don't like you for you," Petchesky wrote.

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