04/09/2013 10:37 am ET

Pounding The Glass Ceiling

In the days since Mavericks owner Mark Cuban mused about drafting Brittney Griner, journalists and basketball types have called the Baylor center’s NBA dreams an inspiration, a sham, a great opportunity, and a false promise that will set women up to fail. Female athletes have heard this all before. Nancy Lieberman played with a couple of NBA summer league teams in the early 1980s. And in 1979, Ann Meyers (who now goes by Ann Meyers Drysdale) had a three-day tryout with the Indiana Pacers. Looking back at the coverage of her short-lived NBA career, it’s striking how little the conversation has changed. Here’s how the Today Show put it, just short of 35 years ago: “Ann Meyers’ NBA Bid: Hype, Hope, or Hoax?”

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