04/09/2013 03:38 pm ET Updated Apr 09, 2013

Rapper Eve Talks Body Image With StyleLikeU, Star Says Biggest Struggle Is Her Booty (VIDEO)

StyleLikeU's Round Table series has tackled a range of topics, including modern femininity, androgyny and black women and their hair.

For its most recent installment of the series the fashion website, which was founded by Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum, gathered a notable group of women to discuss body image--a hot topic in fashion and beyond.

New York Ballet dancer Megan LeCrone, writer and editor Nicolette Mason and journalist/DJ/photographer/model Cory Kennedy were just a few of the tastemakers tapped to shed light on the subject. Rapper Eve also lent her personal perspective and stories to the discussion which covered everything from boob size (and appearance), weight management, dealing with sexual attention and more.

The Philadelphia-native explained how the women she grew up around were considered "feisty with a fat ass," and it wasn't until she started catching the attention of the fashion industry during her highly successful music career that she started to obsess about her weight and image. Squeezing into sample size (generally sizes 0 to 4) clothes from designers took a toll on the "Let Me Blow Your Mind" rapper.

In the video Eve recalls a time when she almost passed out attending an awards show. She had to go to the bathroom and "take down" her dress in order to breathe. But Eve's body image plights go beyond dress size, the 34-year-old star says her biggest issue is her booty.

"I struggle with my booty," Eve said. "And it started when I was 15."

The Grammy Award-winning rapper goes on to say that she's not looking for it to be bigger, just toned. Eve explains that she has tried everything including going to trainers, doing squats--but has never gone under the knife or used any other bottom enhancing tactics.

Good thing, or else she might end up with a booty that flips inside out or a fatal injection of fix-a-flat. But we don't think she's got anything to worry about when it comes to her rear end--or top end, for that matter. Have you seen her smokin' hot bod in her latest video "She Bad Bad"?

To hear more of Eve's thoughts and see all of StyleLikeU's "Round Table: Body Image" check out the video above. And make sure to flip through Eve's amazing style evolution in the slideshow below.



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