04/09/2013 04:01 pm ET

Compliment Grams: The Awesome Way Students Are Fighting Bullying At Their School (VIDEO)

Would it make you happy to know that someone in your school had something nice to say about you?

We're willing to bet that the answer is "yes." According to HoopLaHa.com, the students at Winfield High School in Winfield, W. Va. have seen a difference in the way people treat each other ever since their WeStopHate club started to sell compliment grams during lunch. WeStopHate is a nonprofit organization that uses social media as a means of putting a stop to bullying and promoting self-esteem for teens. Most recently, the club is responsible for providing Hershey's Kisses and pieces of construction paper for students to write and send each other compliments throughout the school day.

"We need to break free of all the negativity that surrounds us," said Jillian Carney, student and founder of the WeStopHate club at her school. "The main goals of WeStopHate club is to give students a safe environment and to provide them a comforting place where they're free to be themselves."

Compliments and chocolate? We could get on board with this.

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