04/10/2013 06:02 pm ET

Divorce Benefits: Mom Says Divorce Made Her A Better Parent (VIDEO)

An upside of divorce? It can make you a better parent.

Just ask author Eileen Workman. In a HuffPost Live segment on Tuesday, Workman said that her divorce allowed her to grow as a person, which in turn made her a better mother.

"I'm a completely different person today than I was 20 years ago and I credit the divorce and the opportunity to have had the time to do a lot more self exploration and deal with some of my core issues," she said. "I got married very young and had kids right away so I was carrying a lot of stuff that I hadn't had a chance to work though...Being able to go to therapy and do some things and figure out myself...made me a more whole person, which makes me a better mother."

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