04/10/2013 06:38 pm ET

Harry Styles Pantsed Onstage By One Direction Bandmate Liam Payne (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift, eat your heart out.

Its good to know that even in the midst of their globe-trotting, teenage heart palpitations-inducing "Take Me Home" tour, the lads of One Direction haven't lost their adolescent sense of humor.

In front of a screaming-only crowd of 20,000 London's O2 Arena this weekend, cheeky bandmate Liam Payne pantsed lead singer Harry Styles, revealing some very skimpy undergarments.

As the fans reacted with glee, Styles struggled to cover himself up while continuing the group's pop hit "What Makes You Beautiful." The confetti cannons were just icing on the cake.

Always full of surprises, those One Direction guys. Remember when Liam and Zayn Malik ripped open Styles' shirt onstage during a concert last year?

The band sent the tween Twitterverse into an unrelated tizzy this week after video surfaced online that shows either Harry--or one of his One Direction buddies -- suggestively added his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift's name to the end of a line from "Little Things."

The amateur footage shows Styles and co. perched atop a beam at a recent concert. As Styles sings "I’m in love with you" someone adds in "Taylor Swift." Sneaky, sneaky.

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