04/10/2013 05:29 am ET Updated Apr 10, 2013

'Splash': Louie Anderson Flips Into The Water, But It's Not Enough To Keep Him On The Show (VIDEO)

Flips were the name of the game on "Splash" this week. Also, in a twist, the audience wasn't involved in the voting. Both of these things spelled trouble for comedian Louie Anderson. Still tipping the scales at over 400 pounds, Louie wasn't designed for diving in the first place, much less flipping into the water. But he was also an incredibly popular competitor, meaning audience votes could have helped raise him up if he got lower technical marks.

Almost right away, though, the bar was set pretty low. Katherine Webb was the second diver, and she scored a rather dismal 6 for a dive that turned into a complete mess. One by one, her competitors outscored her -- though not by much in most instances. Finally, it came down to Katherine and Louie. One would be safe and one would go home.

For his dive, Louie sat on the edge of the board and simply tumbled backwards into the water. In the end, he made a big splash on the show, but with a low score of 5.75, it was his time to leave. Louie, however, was more happy because he felt the show gave him a new lease on life -- a life that hopefully will be healthier and happier.

Katherine was saved, but nevertheless in tears to see her good friend go. Six remain. Tune in to "Splash" on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC to see who goes home next.

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