04/10/2013 04:11 pm ET

Stanley Moore Ethics Fine: Report Reveals Candidate Likely To Replace William Beavers Had Ethics Breach

The candidate likely to fill the seat of Cook County Commissioner has something in common with its former occupant: a checkered past when it comes to professional ethics.

Expected to replace convicted tax fraudster William Beavers, the Tribune reports candidate Stanley Moore was once sanctioned for allegedly campaigning while on the clock during his time as deputy director for the Illinois Department of Transportation.

State Democrats have been racking up an embarrassing list of disgraced party-men following the recent conviction of Beavers and the guilty plea from former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. While the Tribune reports "the pressure is on Democratic committeemen to find an unblemished candidate," Democratic ward boss Ald. Howard Brookins (21st) brushed off Moore's ethics flap as a "minor infraction," according to the Sun-Times.

"People fill out NCAA brackets on their employer's dime. People go online shopping on Black Friday on their employer's dime," Brookins argued. "The question becomes, how egregious was what he was accused of in the grand scheme of his total work environment."

A separate Sun-Times report reveals Moore was fired from his job with IDOT in April of 2009, with the ethics complaint following less than a month later; IDOT was mum on the reason for Moore's dismissal.

The state's Executive Ethics Commission fined Moore $3,000, which the Associated Press reports he paid off earlier this week. Cook County Democratic leaders will meet Thursday to select Beavers' replacement.



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