04/11/2013 06:06 pm ET Updated Apr 11, 2013

Diplo Movie? Fox Bets Big On Dance Music Star

From the files of Big Business Has Discovered Dance Music: Fox is racing to get a Diplo movie off the ground.

Some catch-up for those who are unfamiliar: Diplo heads up Mad Decent, an independent record label that releases an astounding amount of music, mostly for free. The imprint focuses mostly on dance (trap, house, dancehall, etc.) and hip-hop. He is also a legendary pop and hip-hop producer (he's behind Snoop and No Doubt's latest records) and globe-trotting DJ in his own right, both under his own name and as part of Major Lazer, which has an album that's due out April 16.

Without being too laudatory, he's probably one of music's biggest influencers when it comes to internet-friendly listeners. (Remember "Harlem Shake," the Billboard No. 1 that came out of nowhere? It's made by Baauer, one of Diplo's signees.)

Deadline.com reports that the film will be written by Adam Weinstock and Andy Jones and see a handful of teens doing their best to make it into an EDM festival that Diplo is hosting. If that sounds curious, it's because it is. Not as curious, however, as this description, again courtesy of Deadline: "EDM, which I gather is a cousin to rave music, is a huge industry where the DJs are the big stars."

A number of other big names are jumping on the EDM gravy train, most notable Robert Sillerman, whose SFX Entertainment is on its way to spending $1 billion in the industry over the course of the year. All of this is basically just to say that dance music is about to be as corporate as every other genre of music.

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