04/11/2013 07:51 am ET

'Duck Dynasty': Things Get Awkward When Si Handcuffs Himself To Willie (VIDEO)

Willie set up a human resources seminar on "Duck Dynasty," but leave it to Uncle Si to turn it into an opportunity for shenanigans. He didn't take the seminar seriously at all, and ultimately handcuffed himself to Willie. This became a bit awkward for both men later in the day -- when Si had to go to the bathroom.

"In this whole escapade, every time I say, ‘It can’t get any better than this,'" Jase said, observing the two, "It gets better than this.

Si was apparently trying to hold his tea in one hand and take care of business, all while Willie was doing everything he could to be as far away from what was happening.

"It's hard to pee with somebody watching you," Si said. How about if they're attached to you?

As always, Si brings the laughs to "Duck Dynasty," and Channel Guide Magazine loved the Si-centric episode for that very reason. They thought the episode, and Si, were hilarious.

See what trouble Si causes next on "Duck Dynasty," Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on A&E.

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