04/11/2013 01:43 pm ET

Empty Nest: Huff/Post50 Readers Share What They Miss Doing Most With Their Kids

Kids -- they grow up so fast. And while you treasure the ever-evolving relationship you now have with your children as they grow up, admit it: you miss when they were still your babies.

We asked Huff/Post50 readers what they missed doing with their children now that they're adults, and the answers were enough to make us tear up in the office.

"Everything!" wrote in Huff/Post50 Facebook fan Sue Weicholtz Garber.

"The sound of their laughs and their faces of pure joy with the wonders of nature and life itself!" added Gigi Schilling.

To see what else readers had to say, take a look through the slideshow below. What do you miss doing with your children now that they're older? Tell us in the comments.