04/11/2013 11:02 am ET

Equal Pay Day Prank By Swiss Bank Shows What It's Like To Be Paid 20 Percent Less

A Swiss bank found an effective way of demonstrating the frustrations of the gender pay gap to its male customers: men withdrawing cash from the bank's ATM received 20 percent less than the amount they'd asked for.

According to the women's organization Zürcher Frauenzentrale, Swiss women earn about 20% less than equally capable men in comparable positions. The "Equality At The ATM" commercial is intended to show men what financial discrimination feels like. The International Women's Media Foundation worked with Zürcher Frauenzentrale to translate the video into English from its original German.

After each withdrawal, customers received a receipt explaining the prank and assuring them that the missing 20 percent was still in their bank accounts.

The video reminds us of a December 2012 New Zealand equal pay ad campaign where men were charged 10 percent more for parking. The Auckland YWCA also held several awareness-raising events, where food and drink cost 10 percent more for male buyers than for females.

[h/t Jezebel]



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