04/11/2013 03:31 pm ET Updated Apr 11, 2013

RNC Spring Meeting Attendees To Keep Giving 'Minority And Women Outreach' A Try

Republicans are really, really trying to learn how to communicate with women and minorities. Earlier this year, members of the House Republican caucus trooped down to Williamsburg, Va., to attend their annual "issues conference," and one of the issues they conferred about was how to have “Successful Communication with Women and Minorities.” It was, perhaps, unfortunate that this sensitivity session took place in something called the "Burwell Plantation Room," but, you know, baby steps and all that.

At any rate, they are still at it. As Yahoo! News' Chris Moody reports, getting trained up by media professionals to learn to "engage minority and female voters" is something that attendees of the Republican National Committee's spring meeting will be doing.

The party's top activists will spend much of Thursday in strategy meetings aimed at best practices for packaging and presenting their conservative ideas to young people, women, and black, Hispanic, and Asian constituencies. The training is part of the party's new outreach efforts to types of voters who overwhelmingly have supported Democrats in recent elections.

As Moody goes on to report, some of the workshops are named "Republican Messaging: How to say what we mean and show that we care" and "Growing the Party: Working with minority," and there will be a slew of people with titles like "ethnic minority media specialist." So, the Republican National Committee can at least brag about stimulating job growth in the "ethnic minority media specialist" sector of the economy.

There are no sessions named, "No, Women Do Not Have Magic Hormones That Stop Rape Babies," or "It's Probably Not Enough To Offer Vague Economic Promises When They Essentially Come Coupled With Asking People To Sacrifice Their Basic Autonomy In Exchange," but this effort will probably enable RNC members to experience some critical learning. As Moody notes, attendees will later get to attend a keynote speech from former Florida Rep. Allen "Women Have Been Neutering American Men" West, so they'll have the chance to do some critical unlearning as well.

Republicans bring in media specialists to teach them how to speak to women and minorities [The Ticket @ Yahoo! News]

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