04/11/2013 11:05 am ET Updated Apr 11, 2013

Hostage Firefighter's Desperate Radio Call Details Gunman's Demands, Weapons (AUDIO)

Seconds after a gunman faking a medical call took five firefighters hostage in a suburban Atlanta home Wednesday, one of the firefighters radioed in to dispatch.

"Uh, we're in a situation where we have an uh, an armed person, and he is requesting certain utilities to be turned back on," says the firefighter. "He is armed, and we are in the room with him."

The five-minute audio file of the call was recorded and released during the hostage situation by Matthew Keys, the Reuters social media editor who was recently charged with helping hackers attack his former employer's website.


The firefighter tells dispatch that the gunman has "multiple handguns, multiple rifles," and that he wants his "cable turned on by 5:30."

Hours passed and negotiations failed, though one firefighter was released. A SWAT team entered the home, and the gunman was shot dead. All of the hostages sustained minor injuries, but made it out of the home safe.