04/11/2013 11:45 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lindsay Lohan's Leather 'Chaps' Are A Misguided Fashion Appeal (PHOTOS)

Lindsay Lohan has been making headlines for her questionable lifestyle choices, which include showing up late to court hearings and crying on David Letterman's show. But we think her fashion choices are perhaps the most telling of what's going on inside LiLo's cryptic head.

While passing through John F. Kennedy International Airport on Wednesday, the actress decided to wear a pair of embellished jeans that gave the illusion she was wearing leather chaps -- quite an ill-advised choice for a woman trying to clean up her image, no?

The crazy thing is that lately, Lindsay's style has actually been pretty good. It would seem the 26-year-old is making a fashion appeal of sorts, amping up her outfits to catch the style world's eye (and approval). For her recent court appearance, Lindsay's 3.1 Phillip Lim get-up was a pleasant, albeit sheer, surprise. And for that crying moment on Letterman, she wore a pretty floral print Suno dress.

But like Lindsay's personal life, just when you're thinking things are looking up, she goes and wears leather "chaps." Maybe she's squeezing in all of her eye-catching fashion before heading to rehab on May 2 -- the facility she's booked does have strict rules about clothing, after all.

Check out Lindsay's unique bottoms below and tell us: Do you think they're as telling as we do?


lindsay lohan leather chaps

lindsay lohan leather

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Lindsay Lohan's Style Evolution

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