04/11/2013 01:38 pm ET

Shakira Adds Two Latinas To Her Team On 'The Voice' As Blind Auditions End

The hit show “The Voice” has wrapped up their blind auditions and has shown us a preview of what will be the battle rounds.

The question is have they captivated our attention enough to keep watching? Yes! This is by far the most entertaining singing competition on television right now with awesome judges and inspiring talent. Between Blake always making me laugh and Shakira’s Latin fierce side, watching “The Voice” this week was a two-night treat, so what’s not to love?

The Voice’ battle rounds

All four coaches have completed their teams and now it’s on to the battle rounds. In the preview we saw how focused the coaches have gotten, with Shakira telling one of her artists that her pitch was off and that she had to get it back. This is when we find out who really wants it.

For the beginning of the battle rounds each judge has brought in a talented friend to help them through the process. Usher brought in Pharell Williams, Blake Shelton brought in Sheryl Crow, Shakira brought in Joel Madden from the band Good Charlotte and one of the judges from “The Voice” Australia, and Adam Levine has brought in Hillary Scott from the band Lady Antebellum. Two artists go head to head while one wins and one goes home.

“Deciding who’s going to have to leave is probably one of the toughest things I’ll ever have to do,” said Shakira on “The Voice”. This week the Latina judge scored two more Latina artists, Cuban-American Monique Abbadie and Cuban Mary Miranda.

Another game changer are the steals and they’re back for season four. The way it works is that in the battle round each judge can steal another judge’s singer and from what we can see in the preview to next week’s episode, some judges won’t end up too happy.

As Blake so nicely put, “Let the battles begin!”

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