04/11/2013 04:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

What It Takes To Work In Fashion, As Told By HuffPost Style Editors (PHOTOS)

As style editors, we often get asked, "What does it take to work in fashion?" This question has always been a tricky one to answer -- hey, half the time, we're not even sure how we made it through our first internship.

Is it good taste? Is it networking? Is it luck? To narrow it down a bit, we've rounded up some of the credentials we think every aspiring fashion editor should have:

1. The ability to not fall in heels (duh).

Carrie Bradshaw Falls

2. On-the-go makeup application skills (FYI, iPhone cameras and Mac's Photobooth both double as a mirrors).

Lezbehonest here, Adriana Lima is a facking sex goddess.

3. Superhuman arm strength for carrying multiple garment bags.

garment bag

4. The ability to get back to work after a night of drinking free champagne and eating truffled hors d'oeuvres at fashion parties.

5. An extensive mental library of cultural references to peg a trend to (Francis Bacon on a Baltic cruise, anyone?).

karlito you feel me

6. The ability to handle stressful situations.

#there’s everybody else and there’s stanley tucci

7. Supreme air kissing skills -- it's a social jungle out there.

i love her. she’s beautiful

8. Devotion to the field.


9. And, of course, self-confidence.


In the words of Miranda Priestly:

Something to aspire to:

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