04/11/2013 12:44 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Whole Alligator From Frontier Restaurant Tastes Like Chicken (VIDEO)

Zagat was drawn to Frontier in Chicago for the restaurant's rather odd offering: whole alligator.

In the below video, editor James Mulcahy and Frontier's executive chef Brian Jupiter walk us through the process of preparing and serving the reptile, which feeds between 12 and 15 people and must be ordered five days in advance at the bare minimum.

According to Chicagoist, the meal's base cost is a hefty $575, although that includes salad, cornbread, sausage jambalaya and succotash for the table.

Jupiter is from New Orleans, the land of gator-infested swamps, and says he's always seeking opportunities to cook up whole animals. As far as he knows, Frontier is the only restaurant in the country that serves up whole alligator.

Diners admit in the video that the dish "tastes almost exactly like chicken."