04/13/2013 07:22 am ET Updated Apr 15, 2013

Kerry LowLow Diet Ad Parody Is Basically Perfect

Sick of cliched diet ads? We know we are -- and so is Irish company Kerry LowLow, a producer of reduced-fat cheese.

They've released a hilarious video parody featuring the three female stereotypes commonly seen in diet ads -- smug girl, ditzy girl and muffin girl -- enthusiastically eating yogurt, seeing cupcakes everywhere and "struggling" to fit in their jeans.

Yes, this is coming from a manufacturer of low-fat products trying to sell those low-fat products. But who better to call out the diet industry on its advertising sins than a company that could be considered at least peripherally part of that industry? The most effective change often comes from within.

The company's Facebook page reads: "At LowLow we say �enough� to feeling bad about food. We believe that everyone should taste, savour, share and above all, enjoy great food. Our mission is to support and encourage women everywhere to have a great relationship with food."

Now there's a branding effort we can get behind.



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