04/12/2013 10:25 am ET

Richard Lane Finds Wallet After 35 Years

When Richard Lane lost his wallet in 1978, he never expected that he'd find 35 years later -- in a wall.

Lane, 58, lost the brown leather wallet while playing squash in a northern England town.

He suspected the wallet was stolen and with it, his money, driver's license, union card and a payment plan for his TV. He also figured he'd never see it again.

But workers recently found the missing wallet in a wall cavity at the gym and actually tracked him down, the Sun reported.

Lane, who now lives 100 miles away, is still shocked by the reunion.

“It’s amazing that it’s been found," he said, according to the Mirror. "It looks like someone has taken the cash out of it then chucked it into a lift shaft to hide it.”

Simon Bell, the manager at the gym where Lane lost the wallet, is also surprised by the discovery.

“Our lost property policy is only to keep items for three months and we are delighted to make this exception for Mr Lane and keep his property safe for 35 years," Bell told the Evesham Journal.



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