04/12/2013 11:27 am ET

'Step By Step' Reunion: Patrick Duffy Proposes A Two-Hour Special On The Lambert-Fosters

Patrick Duffy is on board for a "Step By Step" reunion!

The actor, who reprised his initial iconic role of Bobby Ewing for TNT's "Dallas" reboot, told The Hollywood Reporter that he'd like to see where the characters of the ABC series are now.

"Step By Step" was a modern-day "Brady Bunch" of sorts: The show followed divorced contractor and father of three Frank Lambert (Duffy) and Carol Foster (Suzanne Somers), a widowed beautician with three children of her own. The two met while on vacation in Jamaica, where they spontaneously got married and then returned to Wisconsin and merged their families.

“I would love to work with Suzanne again,” Duffy told THR. “The 'Step By Step' cast was so wonderful to be with. They were my family and I think a little two-hour special about where these people are -– not a documentary, but actually doing a show –- seeing where they all come to over the years. It would be so fun to play that goofy Frank Lambert character again, aging another 25 years.”

"Step By Step" ran from 1991 to 1997 as part of ABC's T.G.I.F. lineup. The network canceled the show after six seasons, but CBS picked it up for a seventh and final season.

"We got along so great," Somers said of Duffy in 2010. "It was really a magical, wonderful, incredible seven years ... I fell in love with all the children. They became my children. They came to me with all their problems. I really got them. I really loved them. Still love them, still see them!"

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