04/12/2013 07:11 am ET

'Wife Swap': Strict Disciplinarian Switches Places With Mom With No Rules At All (VIDEO)

Sparks were sure to fly with the latest switcheroo on "Wife Swap." Strict disciplinarian Cindy Avery-Lamb switched places with Dayna Martin, who has a much freer philosophy. While Cindy's kids have a strict set of rules and responsibilities, Dayna's kids have no rules or structure at all. She doesn't even believe in the "institutionalization" that she believes happens in schools, so her kids aren't there. As Celeb Dirty Laundry put it, "This is not going to end pleasantly."

When the rules swap happens, it's chaos in both households. Cindy tries to create a much stricter environment, but as she's opted to not stay the night in the house, Dayna's husband, Joe, quickly throws the rules out when she leaves. When she shows up the next day to start early by waking the kids with an air horn, Joe shuts that down, too.

While talking about the horn, Joe blasts it near Cindy's face, which doesn't go over well at all. She starts cursing and yelling at him for blasting it in her face, so Joe throws her out of the house. And just like that, the grand experiment is over.

Dayna has a little more success with Dayna's husband and her children. She gets them to open up and convinces dad to hug his children and meet their friends. At the end, though, it's unclear if anything changed in Cindy's house. Her husband seemed to like some of the changes, but Cindy clearly runs that show. As for Dayna's house, they proudly said they haven't changed a thing.

See if next week's swappers can learn anything by tuning in to "Wife Swap," Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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