04/13/2013 10:31 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Monica Nouwens Photo Exhibition At Foam Gallery Presents Ambivalent And Bewitching Image Of LA (PHOTOS)

Known and loved for its blue skies, silver screens and tan physiques, Los Angeles might look unfamiliar through Monica Nouwens' lens.

The Dutch photographer spent 15 years in the plastic paradise exploring the bohemian underbelly of the city, snapping the dark and strange LA moments that aren't plastered on travel brochures.

monica nouwens

Nouwens' alternative tour through LA, entitled "Look At Me And Tell Me If You Have Known Me Before," is heading to Foam Gallery in Amsterdam. Capturing an often stereotyped city with an ambivalent eye, Nouwen journeys through the darkened alleys of a city steeped in financial and moral turmoil.

Cargo Collective wrote of Nouwen's photos:

"They do not comment, they do not glorify or mystify. But they do make you look."

Whether peering out at the sunrise from a warehouse rooftop to peeking into the car window to check on an intoxicated driver, Nouwens' subjects capture the haunting and glittering moments of youth that pulse through the city when we least expect it.

"Look At Me And Tell Me If You Have Known Me Before" will show at Foam Gallery in Amsterdam from May 17 until July 14, 2013.

Monica Nouwens