04/15/2013 09:40 am ET

How A Young Community Of Entrepreneurs Is Rebuilding Detroit

"My cell phone was blowing up. It was 7:30 in the morning, two hours before I usually get up. It kept ringing, buzzing. I finally checked it. People were sending me pictures of the place I bought, the Imagination Station, on fire. Mary and I got in the car and drove over. It's two blocks from where I live, and a small crowd was standing around, watching it burn. I didn't know what to think. Someone suggested it was started by kids shooting off fireworks. I don't know. We didn't have any enemies.

"I had a '95 Ford Explorer that was stolen the morning after the Super Bowl. So Mary called her family--they live downriver--to see if we could borrow the Suburban. We had that for three weeks before it got stolen.

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