04/15/2013 04:38 am ET

'The Show With Vinny' Preview: Kesha Covers Vinny's Uncle Nino In Glitter (VIDEO)

Fans of "Jersey Shore" got a special sneak preview of Vinny Guadagnino's new series after the "MTV Movie Awards." The interview project is called "The Show With Vinny," and features Vinny interviewing various celebrities in his home ... with his family. It's certainly a unique take on the interview show.

To make sure things kicked off with an outrageous bang, the preview episode saw Vinny and his family welcoming Kesha into their home. While she was there, she treated Vinny's Uncle Nino to a glitter treatment. By the end of it, he was absolutely covered in glitter.

"“It’s really impressive," Kesha said. "This is like the beginning of the weirdest porno."

Vinny explained what makes his show special to the New York Daily News. "These huge superstars are coming into the house as regular people ... They leave the Hollywood life behind for a couple of hours," he said. "My mother and uncle don’t know who any of these celebrities are, so they treat them like regular people and they like that."

Kesha is actually spinning off into her own show, a docuseries premiering ten days before Vinny's show. Catch Kesha's "My Crazy Beautiful Life" when it debuts on April 23, and then come back for Vinny Guadagnino and "The Show With Vinny" when it premieres May 2.

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