04/16/2013 09:56 am ET

Stress-Relieving Exercises: 3 Tension-Busting Moves To Try (VIDEO)

We know that exercise can be an excellent way to relieve stress, but have you ever tried adding targeted tension-busting moves to your workout to boost your stress reduction? Cardiovascular exercise can get endorphins pumping and boost your mood, but strength-training exercises can also have a positive mind-body effect.

The simple exercises in the video above -- Shoulder Clench, Leg Releases and Standing Pigeon -- can be performed anywhere for effective tension-reduction. Incorporate one or all of these exercises into your fitness routine can help calm both mind while also toning the body, according to Justin Ghadery, personal trainer and club manager of the 24 Hour Fitness Hollywood.

Watch the video for tutorials on the stress-busting moves, and try these tension-busting exercises from HuffPost OWN.

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