04/16/2013 05:08 pm ET Updated Apr 17, 2013

Victoria Beckham Style Evolution: From Spray Tans To Sleek And Sophisticated (PHOTOS)

Victoria Beckham has a pretty nice lot in life. Married to David Beckham since 1999, blessed with four children and high cheekbones, we think it's safe to say that she's living large. The former Spice Girl has a closet to die for (and a daughter whose wardrobe inspires envy even in grown women) and designs clothes that we covet (but sadly, can't really afford).

Posh is well-dressed, talented and even -- wait for it -- funny. Who knew? The designer has even been quoted taking jabs at her own sense of humor when she said, "David looks good, and I'm the funny one, that's what I hear constantly. But I keep telling him that looks fade."

Beckham may be a style icon these days, but that wasn't always the case. Back in her days as Posh Spice, Victoria was known for lots of hair, heels and self-tanner (not to mention breast implants, which she later removed). Now, the designer wears sleek, polished ensembles and she has bid the tan adieu.

As we celebrate Victoria Beckham's 39th birthday on April 17th, we take a look back at her most fabulous (and not-so-fabulous) looks.

Victoria Beckham Style Evolution

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