04/17/2013 06:22 pm ET

'Cougar Town' Name: Supercut Of All The Title Cards Jokes (VIDEO)

Gotta love a show that can make fun of itself!

"Cougar Town" creators Kevin Biegel and Bill Lawrence never really loved the name of their series and besides, the show never had much of anything to do with cougars. Despite their efforts to change "Cougar Town" into something else, the title stuck and instead of fighting it, at the beginning of almost every episode of "Cougar Town," the title cards poke fun at the show's name.

Slackatory put together a supercut (above) of all the "Cougar Town" title cards, ranging from "(Still) 'Cougar Town'" to "Welcome To 'Cougar Town.' I didn't know it was back on either. -Abed" and a lot in between.

"'Cougar Town' isn't about cougars or cougars," Courteney Cox explained in October. "It's about friends who are like family and like to drink a lot of wine around a kitchen counter."

"Wine Town" ... oops, we mean "Cougar Town" ... is set to return with a 13-episode fifth season in 2014.