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JODI ARIAS LIVE BLOG: Prosecution Expert Witness And Defense Face Off, Again (LIVE UPDATES)

A clinical psychologist who conducted an evaluation of accused murderer Jodi Arias will once again take the stand Wednesday as she faces off with defense attorney Jennifer Willmott.

On Tuesday, the prosecution finished its direct examination of Dr. Janeen DeMarte, the first expert witness called by the state during the rebuttal phase of the trial.

DeMarte testified she diagnosed Arias with borderline personality disorder. She also testified she found no evidence to believe Arias’ claims about her memory problems or that she was a victim of domestic violence and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.

"There wasn't symptoms that were consistent with that diagnosis," she said of the PTSD.

Throughout Arias’ first-degree murder trial the defense has claimed Arias was physically and emotionally battered by her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, and feared for her life when she killed him.

The prosecution contends Arias, 32, premeditated Alexander's slaying. The defense contends Arias, emotionally and physically battered and afraid for her life, acted in self-defense and did not plan to shoot Alexander in the head, stab him almost 30 times and cut his throat from ear to ear in his Mesa, Ariz., home in 2008.

For the prosecution, proving Arias' intent is key to sustaining the first-degree murder charge. Arias, jealous of Alexander's interest in other women, attacked him in the bathroom of his home after the couple spent the afternoon having sex, according to the prosecution.

During cross-examination by defense attorney Jennifer Willmott, DeMarte stood her ground. She did not flinch when the attorney suggested she was too young or lacked experience. At one point Willmott asked DeMarte about her knowledge of Alyce LaViolette, the defense teams domestic violence expert.

Willmott pointed out that DeMarte had not been born when LaViolette got her Masters degree in 1980.

The trial is set to resume at about 12:30 p.m. Eastern time, when Willmott is expected to continue her cross-examination of DeMarte.

Read below for minute-by-minute updates from court Wednesday:

04/17/2013 5:37 PM EDT

Court Cancelled

The judge just announced court has been cancelled for the remainder of the day. The trial will resume Thursday, at 12:30 p.m. Eastern time.

04/17/2013 2:58 PM EDT


The judge has called recess. The live blog will continue when the trial resumes at 4:20 p.m. Eastern time.

04/17/2013 2:55 PM EDT

More On Domestic Violence:

"I would not call myself an expert in domestic violence specifically," DeMarte said.

04/17/2013 2:47 PM EDT

On Domestic Violence:

Willmott is asking how DeMarte accesses domestic violence relationships.

DeMarte said she interviews the parties and looks for a variety of symptoms to determine if domestic violence is present.

04/17/2013 2:44 PM EDT

More On The MCMI Test Results:

Willmott pointed out Arias' MCMI test results indicate she suffers from elevated anxiety and depression.

04/17/2013 2:42 PM EDT

On Battered Women:

Willmott pointed out Arias' MCMI test results indicate she suffers from a low self-image.

"Battered women suffer from low self-image, don't they?" Willmott asked.

"Yes," DeMarte replied.

04/17/2013 2:38 PM EDT

More On The MCMI:

Willmott is questioning DeMarte about Arias' MCMI test score regarding identity and other scales.

04/17/2013 2:37 PM EDT

More On MCMI:

Willmott is questioning DeMarte about the MCMI test and the scales of the test.

04/17/2013 2:35 PM EDT

On Arias:

04/17/2013 2:30 PM EDT


Willmott is questioning DeMarte about the MCMI test and Arias' diagnosis by the defense expert of PTSD.

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