04/18/2013 10:16 am ET

Adam Scott, Adam Scott And Other Celebs Who Have Us Confused With Their Moniker Twins (PHOTOS)

Earlier this week, golfer Adam Scott made history when he became the first Australian to win the Masters golf tournament. A few days later, on "CBS This Morning," the attractive 32-year-old announced that he has a girlfriend, thus prompting "Adam Scott Girlfriend" headlines everywhere. To those of us with only television stars on the brain, our immediate reaction was "wait, but Adam Scott is married?!" referring, of course, to lovable "Parks & Rec" Adam Scott. Such an easy mistake to make.

Which got us thinking. The Scotts are hardly the first celebrity double monikers. Umm, Michelle Williams and Michelle Williams, anyone?

Here, click through to see more celebrity names we constantly get mixed up: