04/18/2013 09:47 am ET Updated Apr 18, 2013

Beau Mirchoff Of MTV's 'Awkward' Talks About High School Insecurities On HuffPost Live (VIDEO)

Everyone's high school experience is different, but if we had to choose just one word to best sum up those four (amazing? miserable?) years, we think everyone would agree that it's... well, awkward.

Lucky for Beau Mirchoff -- who plays the role of Matty McKibben on MTV's "Awkward" -- he's quite familiar with the feeling.

"I'm not awkward at all," Mirchoff said jokingly on HuffPost Live on Tuesday, where he chatted about the season 3 premiere of the MTV original series and other uncomfortable moments.

When asked if he brought any of his real life experiences from when he was younger to Matty's character, Mirchoff responded, "absolutely."

In the video clip above, the actor explained how romantic drama plays a major role both in "Awkward" and in his own life.

"I've been in a few love triangles. I've been in a love quadrilateral," Mirchoff said. "I was in love with my best friend's girlfriend and I never told her, and I never acted on it because I would never do that. But insecurities like that."


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