04/18/2013 11:11 am ET

'Daria' Pilot Proves She Really Was As Awesome As You Remember (VIDEO)

"Daria" was the ultimate '90s teenage girl -- and television show. This five-minute short, "Sealed With A Kick," was the one Daria's creators first pitched to MTV, the one that convinced the network to pick up the show, according to Buzzfeed. It also proves that your early adolescent desire to be Daria Morgendorffer was 100 percent warranted.

In the short we meet Daria, her best friend Jane, her sister Quinn, football star Kevin and popular girl Brittany. After Kevin assumes that Daria "desires" him and "rejects" her -- "I just got blown off by a guy I didn't even go after," she says -- Daria exacts revenge.

The best one-liners include:
--"You should find a safe, legal alternative to killing him." -Jane
--"When I get through with him, there'll be nothing left but jelly." -Daria
--"You don't need to use words around me, Kevin. We don't need them." -Daria
--"Me and Brittany decided to see other people, so since you're next on the list or whatever..." -Kevin
--"Do you need a beeper, Daria?" -Daria's mom, Helen
--"Man I never would've thought you'd be sisters with somebody hot." -Kevin
--"Now get me to a pay phone!" -Quinn

[H/T BuzzFeed]



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