04/18/2013 08:22 am ET Updated Apr 18, 2013

'The Real World': Nia Tries To Make Jordan Uncomfortable By Coming On To Him (VIDEO)

New roommate Nia arrived on the latest "The Real World," and she entered the house with an agenda. She wanted to give Jordan a taste of his own medicine since he’d clashed with the other women. She decided to do this by making him uncomfortable with very forward sexual advances.

She culminated a series of sexual comments by telling Jordan she wanted to give him a blowjob -- in front of the other roomates. The pair were already down to their underwear and making out on the pool table in the living room. Would they take it to the next step?

"I think this is really happening," Marlon said. Of course, the show cut to black before viewers could find out if either of them were really willing to go that far.

If they did, Gossip & Gab wondered if Nia's plan was working. "She is doing everything in her power to make him uncomfortable but it’s not looking like it's working," they said. Even MTV thought the experiment was both x-rated and "strange."

Find out what happens by coming back for more craziness with "The Real World," Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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