04/19/2013 05:36 pm ET

Debra Messing Fails 'Will & Grace' Quiz On 'Katie' (VIDEO)

Debra Messing's "Will & Grace" knowledge was put to the test "Whose Line Is It Anyway"-style this week.

While the actress appeared on "Katie" this week, audience members read one-liners from the sitcom and asked Messing to name the character who said them. Embarrassingly enough, she answered them all incorrectly except for two.

While she may have forgotten a few of the "Will & Grace" details, she certainly still has a soft spot for Grace Adler. Just last month, the actress caught up with The Huffington Post and talked about what she thought the characters would be up to today.

"I would hope that all the characters had found some love at some point, but you know, it’s a comedy," Messing said. "So happiness does not equal laughter most of the time on TV."

"Katie" airs on weekdays. Check your local listings for more information.

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