04/19/2013 01:25 pm ET

John Goodman Will Narrate 'Great Bear Stakeout'; Get A First Look At Discovery Series (VIDEO)

John Goodman is coming back to TV -- or at least his voice his. The Huffington Post has exclusively learned that the Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning actor is narrating Discovery Channel's new special, "Great Bear Stakeout."

"Great Bear Stakeout," which was announced earlier this month, is a two-hour special, co-produced with BBC, that will focus on the American grizzly bear population in Alaska.

“I am thrilled to lend my voice to 'Great Bear Stakeout,'" Goodman said in a statement. "I have always been fascinated by grizzly bears, and this show gives a closer look at the lives and struggles of these fascinating animals than ever before. I think people will really enjoy it.”

Discovery viewers have seen glimpses of grizzly bears in other specials, but the network promises that this special will bring them "closer to the lives of these bears than anyone thought possible," including their hibernation preparation, mating rituals and feeding habits.

The production team lived alongside the bears for five months while they were out of hibernation, tracking their every move with special gear and even some "spy cams" to get closer to the action. Watch and see just how close Discovery got in The Huffington Post's exclusive first look clip, above. They even got inside their mouths! But there are lighter, more playful moments too, rolling down hills and climbing trees.

"Roseanne" alum Goodman is no stranger to TV, having most recently appeared on "Damages" and NBC's "Community," but he also has a busy slate of movies coming up. Having just appeared in "Flight" and this year's Oscar-winning Best Picture "Argo," Goodman is teaming up with the Coen brothers again for their new film “Inside Llewyn Davis,” as well as co-starring in the Will Ferrell comedy “The Internship,” Todd Phillips’ “The Hangover Part III” and Disney’s animated feature, “Monster’s University," reprising the role as Sully.

Tell us: Are you excited for "Great Bear Stakeout"?

"Great Bear Stakeout" premieres Sunday, May 12, 9 p.m. ET on Discovery.