04/19/2013 05:28 pm ET Updated May 31, 2013

Tiny Home In Spokane, Washington Has Become A Source Of Happiness For Its Owners (PHOTOS)

Transitioning into the lifestyle of living small isn't always an easy process. Couple Geoff Loftin & Valerie Neilson, for example, had a harder time remodeling and getting used to their "little house" (as they affectionately call it) in Spokane, Washington than they anticipated. But, from where they stand now, the 374-square-foot tiny home has become a source of happiness.

According to Loftin's account on Tiny House Blog, their story started when they bought the then-dilapidated local utility power distribution site back in 2006 because they were intrigued by its design. Loftin told us, "our urgency to save a part of history and our passion for a project brought us to the purchasing table." And they've been working on making it their own ever since.

It's hard enough that both were accustomed to living in a home that was over 1,500 square feet, but the real challenge was ridding themselves of many of their belongings. We learned through Loftin's nephew, who posted about the home on Reddit, that Loftin had his own antique shop. As a result, he had collected many items that he eventually needed to part with via eBay, Craigslist and through donations, to be able to make the move.

Now, the site is completely finished with a loft bedroom, a kitchen fully equipped with appliances, a bathtub and a working toilet. And since Loftin and Neilson are still working towards a permanent move into their tiny home, they've been renting it out on AirBnB to interested patrons in the meantime. If we ever make a trip to Spokane, you'll know where to find us.

Click through our slideshow below to see before and after photos of Spokane's "little house." And let us know if you're planning to book a stay in the comments below.

H/T: Reddit

Geoff And Val's 'Little House' In Spokane, WA

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