04/23/2013 08:07 pm ET

Opening Credits Video: Wife Recreates TV Title Sequences For Husband's Birthday Gift (VIDEO)

Thanks to his creative wife, an ordinary Israeli man got to be Don Draper, Fraiser and Michael Bluth on his birthday.

For her husband Oren Mendezitsky's birthday gift, graphic artist Leigh Lahav made a video that recreated the opening credits of some of Mendezitsky's favorite TV shows. But she made a few changes -- she focused the clips on Mendezitsky's life and substituted his friends and family in for the characters. Watch the video above (posted on YouTube last week) to see how she re-imagined the title sequences of "30 Rock," "The Office," "New Girl" and more -- see if you can name them all!

Lahav told HuffPost Weddings that she wanted to outdo the last birthday gift Mendezitsky gave to her, which was a comic book he wrote and had illustrated by her close friends. Because Mendezitsky loves TV so much, she thought this video seemed like an appropriate gift. Lahav did much of the animation and editing herself, and she also enlisted the help of other filmmakers to finish the video.

"I chose the TV shows by two parameters: How much Oren loves the show, and how difficult it is to recreate," Lahav said. "For example, a 'Game of Thrones' intro would be crazy hard! But still, I did try to push the limits."

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