04/23/2013 09:38 am ET Updated Apr 23, 2013

Rahm Emanuel Welcomes Rick Perry To Chicago: I Hope 'He Remembers All 3 Of His Reasons For Coming'

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel marked the beginning of Texas Gov. Rick Perry's business trip to Illinois with a jab on Monday, targeting the Republican for a notorious gaffe that helped sink his presidential campaign.

"I hope when he comes he remembers all three of his reasons," Emanuel said, according to DNAinfo, referring to the fateful debate moment in which Perry was unable to recall the third agency that his campaign platform said he'd eliminate.

(Watch the video above for a refresher.)

"[I]t will be a real test for him," Emanuel continued. "In the City of Chicago, we don't have to measure our showers like they do in Texas."

Perry is set to hold several events in Chicago, which a related ad campaign describes as aimed to lure businesses away from the city and toward Texas. Perry's visit was coupled with an aggressive, $80,450 radio and newspaper ad campaign, encouraging companies to "Get out while there's still time."

Perry has denied that his trip to Chicago -- which will end on Tuesday -- is a direct effort to "poach" jobs, saying that he is instead just "giving people options."

HuffPost Chicago reports that Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (D) was not much warmer than Emanuel in his reception, saying last week that Perry was a "big talker" whose "efforts in Illinois will be as successful as his presidential campaign."

Perry has made similar attempts to draw businesses into Texas in the past. Earlier this year, his foray into California was dismissed by Gov. Jerry Brown (D) as "barely a fart."


Rick Perry's Gaffes
Rick Perry's Gaffes