04/23/2013 03:11 pm ET

Will Sasso's Arnold Schwarzenegger Impression Will Make You Love Vine (NSFW VIDEO)

If Arnold Schwarzenegger asked you to get in his hybrid hummer, what would you do?

If the action star/former politician/bodybuilder is anything like comedian Will Sasso's impersonation of him, you'd probably be in for a crazy ride.

Sasso uploaded short impersonations of the Governator onto Vine, a new Twitter app that allows users to record 6 seconds of video. A fan compiled them all onto a YouTube video (above), and now we never want to know what it would be like to have Schwarzenegger as a chauffeur.

Sasso as Schwarzenegger is an aggressive, nervous wreck on the roads, easily distracted by pretty pedestrians and hybrid hoopties. Watch as he smokes a cigar, drinks Muscle Milk and pretends to pull over a police car on the road. Then thank your lucky stars you've never carpooled with the Schwarzenegger family.