04/24/2013 10:38 am ET Updated Apr 24, 2013

Chicago's Wettest April On Record: City Sees Most Rainfall This Month In 143 Years Of Data


Coming as no surprise to any of the many Chicago-area residents who are still cleaning up after heavy rains and widespread flooding last week, this month has officially been the wettest April on record.

Rain on Tuesday pushed the city's April total -- 8.54 inches through midnight -- past the previous record of 8.33 inches set in 1947, according to the Chicago Tribune.

That means that this month has been the rainiest in the city's 143-year observational record, as the Chicago Weather Center points out, far surpassing the average April rainfall of 3.38 inches.

The flooding that began in the Chicago area last week is reportedly one of the largest floods in Illinois history. In a Tuesday evening meeting, residents of suburban Forest Park expressed anger and frustration at how the village responded to the overflowing of the nearby Des Plaines River.

One Des Plaines resident told CBS Chicago that his experiencing two "floods of the century" in the last five years have pushed him to move to higher ground.

Meanwhile, Chicago isn't out of the woods yet when it comes to precipitation this month, though it may fall in the form of more snow just after midnight early Thursday as temperatures plunge into the 30s.



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