04/24/2013 12:29 pm ET Updated Apr 24, 2013

Mika Brzezinski On Eating Disorder: 'The Subject Is Still So Embarrassing For Me'

Mika Brzezinski recently spoke out about her eating disorder in an interview with More magazine.

The "Morning Joe" co-host — who revealed her struggles with food in her new book "Obsessed," about obesity in America — spoke out about her decision to open up about the topic, and described her compulsion to overeat and over-exercise.

“There were these constant stupid negotiations with myself: ‘I can eat the Domino’s pizza if I run 10 miles afterward,’ Brzezinski told More. "That’s what I’d do after bingeing — go for punishing runs."

She recalled one luncheon with her co-host Joe Scarborough where she had "inhaled" a plate in "a minute." "Food was the thing I could count on," Brzezinski explained. "Food always loved me back.”

When asked if she had spoken about her compulsive eating before her book, she said that she hadn't. "It was too embarrassing," she said. "[As] the youngest in a brilliant family …I thought eating was something I could control, unlike what I felt was a lack of intellect.”

Brzezinski, of course, has been very vocal about nutrition on air, and followed her infamously strict diet. She recently railed against soda, which she said is "killing" people, 7-11's Big Gulp and Twinkies on "Morning Joe."

Her new interview is in the May 2013 edition of More, which is now on newsstands. She spoke to the magazine ahead of the release of her book on May 7.



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