04/24/2013 11:11 am ET Updated Apr 26, 2013

Mother's Day 2013 Gift Ideas From Andrea Stanford, Vintage Expert For One Kings Lane (PHOTOS)


The best presents are thoughtful, personal and original. So, to make sure your Mother's Day 2013 gift is the best one yet, we spoke with Andrea Stanford, who manages the vintage sales for decor site One Kings Lane to learn why we should go the nostalgic route for Mom this year.

The Huffington Post: Why would Mom appreciate a vintage gift?

Andrea Stanford: Mother’s Day is all about tradition and a unique bond. So what better way to really celebrate her than with something one-of-a-kind that you know she won’t be getting from anyone else? It could be something that has special relevance for both of you, maybe something that you grew up with. There’s a spirit of both timelessness and eternity when you give vintage.

HP: What are some items that may be especially relevant to the "baby boomer" generation?

AS: Things that bring back, subliminally or not, the best memories you share. Like a piece of coral that evokes childhood summers at the beach house. Great Victorian-style boudoir pillows or pretty vanity items that will make her think of you whenever you see them. Most of the baby boomers I know have an appreciation for the past and are pretty nostalgic. They love a collectible that tells a story.

HP: Which vintage finds make great collectibles?

AS: So many people I know are obsessed with pretty vintage and antique teacups. They can be mixed and matched as you grow your collection. The great thing about vintage is the character and history it carries. One piece can be meaningful on its own, or it can carry the seeds that inspire an entire collection.

HP: Do you have any tips for presenting or packaging a vintage gift for Mom?

AS: You can think outside the box -- literally. Place a heartfelt note inside a gorgeous ceramic box -- let the gift itself be the container and the note can be the “gift.” Or give her a bouquet in an amazing vintage vase. I also love a gift wrapped in a piece of antique lace or a pretty napkin or throw that becomes another part of the gift that can be used.

HP: If you have no idea where to start for Mother's Day, what's a go-to item that anyone would love?

AS:You know your mother best. Even if you’re really feeling stumped, trust your instincts. The difference between going to the mall and shopping vintage is the emotional component. You and your mom have so many memories and experiences in common. If you spot something that reminds you of someplace from your past, chances are your mother will feel exactly the same way.

Click through the slideshow below of fantastic vintage gift ideas from One Kings Lane and our other favorite sites.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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