04/24/2013 07:45 am ET

'Preachers' Daughters': Facebook Photos Convince Taylor's Father He Wants Her To Recommit To Purity (VIDEO)

On "Preachers' Daughters," Taylor's dad wanted the 17-year old to recommit to purity after he found some photos on her Facebook page that he found questionable. He clearly thought the photos either implied worse behavior, or were a prelude to it. So she attended a "Passion and Purity" class, but the class made her question the commitment she'd made to purity in the first place.

"She started talking about you can’t kiss before marriage," she marveled. "The way they’re talking, it’s like I’m cheating on Jesus if I kiss a guy before, and I been cheating on Jesus this whole time and didn’t even know it!”

Taylor did agree to attend a purity ring ceremony with her father, but she was only comitting to no sex before marriage. "I cannot see me being 30 years old and still a virgin," she explained. "I don’t think that’s realistic. Because if so, I might as well get married now.”

"People can see that I'm not going to be a teenager my whole life and going through that experience not only with my family but for all America to see that I'm changing," Taylor told the Christian Post while talking about putting this very personal experience on television. "I'm becoming a woman and just my growth in that was challenging."

See what challenges she faces next on "Preachers' Daughters," Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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