04/25/2013 05:41 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

George R.R. Martin, Jets Fan And 'Game Of Thrones' Author, Is Not Happy About Darrelle Revis Trade


Fans of "Game Of Thrones" watched (mild spoiler alert) Daenerys Targaryen make an epically one-sided transaction with a slave trader in Astapor in the most recent episode.

That ill-fated deal ultimately landed everyone's favorite Khaleesi an army of the Unsullied in exchange for ... nothing. Kraznys mo Nakloz, Daenerys' arrogant and unaware trading partner, learned far too late that his bargaining position was not as strong as he believed. Without leverage, he didn't get the dragon he wanted. He didn't even get any money. What he did get ... was incinerated.

Many fans of the New York Jets believe their team just got burned, albeit not quite so badly, by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the recent trade for Darrelle Revis. The Bucs acquired cornerback Darrelle Revis from the Jets in a exchange for the No. 13 overall selection in the 2013 NFL Draft and a conditional pick in the 2014 draft.

George R.R. Martin, the author whose "Songs of Fire And Ice" novels inspired HBO's "Game Of Thrones" series, has spent years conjuring the drama of Westeros. He has devoted much of that time to thinking about power struggles and intrigues. He wrote Daenerys and the history of the House Targaryen into existence. He created Littlefinger, Varys and the small council.

And he thinks the Jets got fleeced.

In the aftermath of the Jets-Bucs trade, Martin wrote a post about the deal on his LiveJournal page that began "It is hard to be a fan of the New York Jets."

He went on.

They have hardly done anything right since Joe Willie Namath won SuperBowl III, and every time you think maybe they are finally turning the corner, they find some new way to screw things up.

Today the Jets traded Darrelle Revis, the best cornerback in the NFL and far and away the best player on the team. It is never a good idea to trade the best player on your team. The Jets desperately need a shut-down corner, since they do not have a real pass-rush threat, and the only way they ever get any pressure on the opponent's QB is by shutting down his receivers long enough for the rushers to get there. Revis was a huge part of the reason why Rex Ryan's defense has been so good (ups and downs, sure, but still one of the better defenses in the league). So they get rid of him Right.

Only the Jets. They have a pretty good defense and a godawful offense, so what's their big offseason move? "Hey, let's get rid of our best player, bring the D down to the same level as the O."

Martin, who occasionally writes about the NFL at his "Not A Blog," recently opined on the relative inaction of the New York teams (he's also Giants fan) at the start of free agency.

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In his "Jets Crash Again" post, Martin outlined the case against dealing Revis (above) and then continued to plea for the firing of Jets general manager John Idzik. Hired in January to replace Mike Tannenbaum after the team's disappointing 2012 season, Idzik may have joined Gang Green after the "For Sale" sign had been placed on Revis Island but that doesn't mean he gets a pass here. Not only did Revis claim that Idzik lied to him but Martin believes that he failed to secure reasonable compensation for such a talented prospect, lamenting that Gang Green couldn't pull off a "Herschel Walker" deal.

Here is some more from Martin, including a "There Will Be Blood" reference.

The Jets, in short, got rooked. Congrats, Tampa Bay GM, you drank our milkshake.

And what about the new Jets GM? Fire his ass now. Bring back Mike Tannenbaum. Bring back the guy before Mike Tannenbaum. Hell, bring back Harry Wismer.

The best theory about this trade is that the Jets want the #1 pick overall in the 2014 draft. Cause this next season is going to be bloody painful. After which our new whizz-bang "let's give away our best player for a bag of old jockstraps" GM is going to fire Rex Ryan because, after all, that 2 - 14 record is clearly Rex's fault.

While Martin's frustrations rang true for many Jets fans, at least one member of the New York media felt that the GOT author was out of his depth on this issue. Bart Hubbuch, NFL writer for the New York Post, noted that Jets owner Woody Johnson deserved blame in lieu of Idzik.

One thing that Idzik does have going for him is that the No. 13 overall selection, however talented he proves to be, in the upcoming NFL Draft is unlikely to incinerate him after hearing his name called. At the very least, Idzik should make out better than Kraznys.

Unless, this is what Martin had in mind when he called for the Jets GM to be fired.

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