04/25/2013 02:00 pm ET

Payton Adams, 4-Year-Old With Cancer, Gets Help From Homeless People At City Union Mission (VIDEO)

The don’t have a home, and most just own the clothes on their backs, but a group of homeless men at a shelter in Missouri have raised hundreds of dollars for a little girl with cancer.

When the guys at City Union Mission in Kansas City, Mo., found out about Payton Adams, a 4-year-old with cancer, they resolved to help the little girl’s family pay for her mounting medical expenses by collecting spare change, reports.

“It just warms my heart and makes me want to cry,” Payton’s mom, Leilani, told the news outlet.

The shelter, where the men launched the “Pennies for Payton” campaign, celebrated its 89th birthday this year and provides emergency shelter, medical services, life-skills classes and career development opportunities to its residents.

Since launching the fundraiser, the generous donors have handed quite a large chunk of change to the struggling family. Leilani told KSHB that she’s walked out with as much as $500 at times.

“It has really been a blessing,” she told the news outlet.



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