04/26/2013 07:49 am ET

'Hannibal': Will Goes Deeper Into His Madness On The Trail Of The 'Angel Maker' Serial Killer (VIDEO)

"Hannibal" skipped ahead a week -- the intended Episode 4 was pulled due to its subject matter -- with a disturbing episode about a serial killer called "Angel Maker." He would peel the skin from his victim's backs up to form angelic wings, and then pose them in positions with fishing line. All in all, it made for some disturbing visuals that only served to further Will's personal torment.

He continued seeking guidance and help from Hannibal, who may be working an agenda of his own. "“Angel Maker will be destroyed by what’s happening inside his head. You don’t have to be," Hannibal said. He then leaned in and smelled Will's head.

"Difficult to avoid," was his response when Will asked him if he'd just smelled him.

Collider dubbed the strange exchange one of their favorite moments of the episode. "Everything [Hannibal] does is weirdly sexual and menacing and innocent," they wrote. "It’s bizarre.”

The original Episode 4 was pulled due to sensitive material by series developer Bryan Fuller, but the episode was repurposed into a 6-part web series for fans who want to see what they missed. The case of the week -- where the questionable content took place -- was stripped out, leaving the personal encounters between the principal cast-members.

Things will likely only get worse for Will as "Hanibal" continues on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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