04/26/2013 11:16 am ET

Jan Brewer Medicaid Expansion Protested By Republican Lawmakers

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's own party is turning against her.

Right-wing Arizona lawmakers mounted a protest Thursday of Brewer's support for Medicaid expansion, saying the plan ultimately harms taxpayers.

"If this is such a win-win situation, who are the big losers?" Arizona State Sen. Kelli Ward (R) said, according to the Cronkite News. "Well, the big losers are the federal taxpayers. And remember, Arizona taxpayers are federal taxpayers."

Ward was joined by fellow Arizona state representatives on the lawn of the statehouse, including Rep. Warren Petersen (R) and Senate President Andy Biggs (R). The lawmakers slammed Brewer's support of expanding medicaid for being costly and supporting big government.

After Brewer opposed the Obamacare health insurance exchange in November, opting for a state-controlled health insurance plan, she said in January that Arizona could not afford to turn down federal health care dollars.

State Rep. Justin Olson (R) said that he opposes the expansion because it could mean funding for health care procedures he does not support.

“I cannot support expanding the amount of your tax dollars to Planned Parenthood and others who have this mission of terminating life before it is even born,” Olson said.

Brewer spokesman Matthew Benson told the Arizona Republic the governor is ready to put up a fight.

"She's committed to this proposal and is prepared to see it through, regardless of how hot it gets," Benson said. "This is life and death. It's not some petty political problem."